Financial training courses - IFRS

It is important to maintain IFRS knowledge in order to successfully manage reporting processes.

Our IFRS training courses are based the most recent IFRS editions to deliver up to date information on the Framework, Standards and Interpretations.

We provide IFRS training courses with the following distinctive features:

  • The timing and agenda are set in line with company expectations.
  • Participants get familiar with the structure of IFRS through review and study of hard copies of IFRS editions distributed on the course.
  • We introduce efficient ways to search for answers to accounting issues in the IFRS editions, with reference to specific paragraphs.
  • During the course we continuously address the differences between IFRS and local Hungarian accounting rules when relevant.
  • Hand outs including examples and exercises help illustrate the application of Standards.
  • We provide consolidation and deferred tax courses in separate days with additional problem solving tasks and case studies.
  • Computer assisted courses are available where participants can experience the application of IFRSs in practice.
  • We are prepared to discuss specific company issues relevant to your reporting processes thanks to many years of industry experience gained in IFRS and US GAAP environments.