Financial training courses - Finance for Non-Financial Managers

In integrated business environments organisations expect line managers and officers, responsible for areas other than Finance and Accounting, to be able to interpret financial information for adequate decision making. We assist non-financial managers to understand financial information with courses covering basic principles of finance.

Our training courses transfer the knowledge with which non- financial managers can effectively learn how economic events affect information in the financial statements. In our courses we employ practical tools that help understand the context of different transactions in the financial statements without using the terms "Debit" and "Credit". The courses will answer common question such as what the difference is between CAPEX and OPEX; why profits differ from cash; why customer advances do not count for revenues; and many more.

Our Finance for Non-Financial Mangers course covers the following areas:

  • accounting systems;
  • the principle of accounting equation;
  • balance sheet, income statement, and cash flows;
  • effects of economic events;
  • the accrual principle of accounting;
  • financial information analysis;
  • working capital management;
  • investment appraisal.

Participants receive hand-outs including problem solving and case studies to reinforce the knowledge acquired though out the course. We also provide the opportunity to discuss specific questions relevant to your organisation during the course.